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Now, I myself have been here for a few years and have heard some stories. Avoiding punishment, the two look back on the events of 46 years ago with a certain amount of pride.“It was kind of gutsy to do that your senior year… Because a lot could have gone down the drain on that dark night.” – Jim Jeffrey“I think it accomplished exactly what we wanted to accomplish. Our news department has access to more than 50 remote cameras located throughout the Lowcountry via the South Carolina Department of Transportation Traffic Cameras as well as our very own Sky View 2 (tower cam) overlooking the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge and the Charleston Harbor. The beloved elephant came to the station for one simple reason: the station manager thought it would be a good idea to have an elephant, so he bought one. But I came across some old anecdotes that Webb wrote in TV Guide. In them, Webb describes WUSN as a zoo and he had a point.Among the every day, dogs, cats and exotic birds, a donkey, kangaroo, and an alligator patrolled the grounds. The main studio is located in a totally digital facility with office, technical, and studio space in Mount Pleasant (just at the foot of the Arthur T. Ravenel Jr. Bridge). Kathryn Bonfield is news director of WJXT TV-4. WCBD became an NBC affiliate in 1996. Bonfield has a journalism degree from the University of Florida. Previously she held other positions at WFLA including executive producer, investigative producer and newscast producer. Parents would bring their children to the station to ride on Susie’s back.Susie Q was about to become part of Citadel History. Channel 2 not only had one, but she lived right here on the station grounds. But as News 2’s Brad Franko explains, once upon a time, Susie Q was the target of a classic college prank that goes down in Citadel legend.Back in the mid 50’s when we were WUSN-TV, to say that Channel 2 was different, is putting it mildly. Not having any special permission to be off campus, they had to get back on without being seen.“I still remember the night watchmen as we came in the front gate, the trailer was open and you could see Susie Q… He took one look at us and he hopped on his bicycle and he was peddling faster than I’ve seen him pedal in all my life.” – Bobby SchwarzeNews 2 asked if he was to stop you, what would have happened?“He wasn’t going to stop us, that was never a question… That was the plan to keep going.” – Jim JeffreyThey did it, safely making it to the barracks. May 2017 – Jun 2019 2 years 2 months. She oversees news content for the station's television, web, mobile and social media platforms. WCBD’s call letters stand for C=Charleston, B=Berkeley, D=Dorchester — the three main counties it serves. So picture it, a car with a trailer on the backhauling an elephant.“The fear of God took over, if the wheels of that car were touching, then it was just barely… And this trailer was going back and forth… And we said, oh my god what have we done.” – Bobby SchwarzeHaving dodged that bullet, they had one more hurdle to jump. WJXT is the most-watched newscast in Jacksonville. on Daniel Island early Monday morning, As US hits highest 7-day average for virus cases, these states are hardest hit, DHEC: 755 new COVID-19 cases in SC, 163,946 total, DCSO searching for armed and dangerous man involved in car wreck, shooting. Kathryn Bonfield is news director of WJXT TV-4. Just hanging out like all good mascots do, totally unaware of what was about to happen.“We proceeded to go to the pen that was out front of the station, and it was unlocked, and that was unusual.” – Jim JeffreyThe duo proceeded to load Susie Q on to the trailer that was already there and hook her to the back end of a 1950 Ford Car.“I guess the thing that made me most weary was the way the car sat with the trailer on it… I knew we would have to drive across the grace with the car at this angle.” – Jim JeffreyOh yeah, he’s talking about the Grace Memorial Bridge; the one we affectionately call the “Old Cooper River Bridge”. Current 72° Broken Clouds. Director Stephen Daldry is exiting the project, a studio representative confirmed Tuesday. Welcome! © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. The station's website,, is the number one source for local news in the market. The news operation uses the latest technology to gather information from throughout the Lowcountry and the region. Attention all IOP residents; lock up your elephants, something tells me they’re up to no good.“We sure as hell aren’t going to tell you what we have planned for Channel 2!! She has held the position since January 2011. And remember now, in 1958, this thing accommodated two-way traffic. Our main tower facility is located in Awendaw which services viewers in Berkeley, Charleston, Clarendon, Colleton, Dorchester, Georgetown, and Williamsburg counties. News 2 is equipped with two microwave live trucks, a mobile satellite truck, several portable microwave live units, and a fleet of news vehicles. Experienced Director with a demonstrated history of working in the broadcast media industry. News Department: Recorded News Tip line: (843) 884-2288: Assignment Desk Number: (843) 216-4875: Email the News Department: Weather Department News Director for the Nexstar Media Group NBC affiliate in Charleston, SC. The race between Sheriff Al Cannon and challenger Kristin Graziano, SC Firefighters distribute over 200 doses of Naloxone, MPPD shares tips to avoid falling victim to car break-ins, Deputies warn about scam targeting elderly residents in Murrells Inlet, Application process for CARES Act small business grant programs begins Monday, BCSO responds to domestic situation on Clements Ferry Rd. WCBD News 2. If you need help with WJXT’s or WCWJ's FCC public inspection file, call (904) 393-9801. (See the Legend of Susie Q further down for a step back in time.). WCBD celebrated it 50th Anniversary in 2004. Now in case you were wondering; the management of Channel 2 were good sports and once they found out Susie Q wasn’t in jeopardy, they allowed her to stay on campus until the game was over. After college Jeffrey went on to be the Vice President of the Allstate Insurance Company.Great friends in college, but their paths went separate ways. The industry trade website Deadline first reported the news. In 1983, WCBD went from producing one hour of local news to producing three and one-half hours of news weekdays. However, as it seems for most people that spend any amount of time here. Bonfield was also a news director at WCBD-TV in Charleston, South Carolina. Several to note include the national Edward R. Murrow award for Best Broadcast Affiliated Website  in a large market, Emmy Award for Best Newscast and Associated Press Award for Best Overall.

Broncos Game Delayed, Echos - 1216 Lyrics, Snowfall Totals Denver, Toyota Stadium In Frisco Tx, That's Me If You're Wondering Summer 86, Watl Membership, Dreamland Rides, Wcbd News Director, The Cement Garden Analysis,

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