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pipeline in hays county

The pregnancy was 16 months long. After more than a year of community meetings, negotiations, resolutions and legal action, the pipeline company Kinder Morgan is getting ready to begin construction on the Permian Highway Pipeline in Central Texas—at least if legal challenges do not stop it. (NEXSTAR) -- Campaigns are fond of saying that every dollar counts, and while that may be true, it's unlikely that the $45 that President Donald Trump pulled in from the 94924 zip code will swing the election in his favor. He added that the company is “mobilizing” in the Central Texas area to be ready to start work as soon as the permits are issued. The county will present that plan to the Hays County Commissioner’s court in the coming weeks, before submitting it to Kinder Morgan. The company emphasized that they (and their Permian Highway Pipeline plans) are in compliance with the Endangered Species Act. The District Judge – Lora Livingston – is expected to rule in the case sometime around mid-June. “You can’t just turn it over to them and say ‘It’s up to you’.”. Shell also called upon Kinder Morgan to provide a detailed geology report for each proposed road crossing in Hays County to determine whether the site is underlaid by karst. Katharine Jose has written about politics, infrastructure, environment, development, natural disasters and other subjects for The New York Observer, Capital New York, and The New York Times, among other publications. The permit issue is at the heart of two letters of intent to sue—required before filing a lawsuit against a federal agency—filed in the last six months to try to force Kinder Morgan to perform a full and public environmental review. “I hate to couch it that way, but there is just not much directly on-point stuff there,” Hicks said. The pipeline will be 42 inches wide and is slated to travel from Waha in West Texas to the Katy area, passing through the Hill Country. PRIVACY POLICY She is tracking issues with the process to support legislation she has filed. Please note that Hays County produced only the materials presented by General Counsel Mark Kennedy and Precinct 3 Commissioner Lon Shell, and is not responsible for content in any of the other presentations. There is also an entirely new legal action on the horizon. In the latest setback for a natural gas pipeline under construction in the Hill Country, the Hays County Commissioners Court voted unanimously this week to rescind permission for the project to cut through and drill underneath county roads. The Railroad Commission, the agency that oversees pipelines, on April 9, issued a notice of violation because "the loss of drilling fluid resulted in the pollution of fresh subsurface water," and because the company did not provide immediate notice of the incident — as required by state law. If a lawsuit is filed, it will include a request for an injunction, which would at least temporarily keep the company from building if it is granted. ORLANDO, Fla. (AP/NEXSTAR) — A 150-pound male white rhinoceros was born at Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park in Florida over the weekend. The company will just check a couple of boxes, submit it to the Railroad Commission, and the public never gets to see it or participate in anything about it. Kinder Morgan has proposed a natural gas pipeline that crosses through the Barton Springs/Edwards Aquifer Conservation District (District) in Hays County. The as-yet-named rhino was born to Kendi, who was the first white rhinoceros born at the animal theme park back in 1999. Oct. 23 is the last day Texas voters can apply for a vote-by-mail ballot. © 1998 - 2020 Nexstar Inc. | All Rights Reserved. The City of Austin, the City of San Marcos, Travis County, Hays County, the Barton Springs Edwards Aquifer Conservation District and several individuals are suing Kinder Morgan in federal court over the Permian Highway Pipeline’s potential impact on endangered species. 45 Rep. Erin Zwiener, https://house.texas.gov/members/member-page/?district=45. “There were efforts by some private property and environmental types – which is an unusual coalition – to get legislation passed the last session to oppose these standards through the Legislature. But Hicks said it does have the authority to create rules and putting pressure on the Railroad Commission is another avenue people can take. The lawsuit, however, could go forward even if the injunction is not granted—and it may not be. The Commission’s role is to ensure operators of intrastate pipelines that begin and end in Texas construct, operate and maintain their pipelines in compliance with RRC pipeline safety rules…”. There are only two things a pipeline company must do to begin the process of building a new pipeline and one is file for what Hicks said is a simple permit. It is highly recommended that you hire an attorney knowledgeable in real estate and eminent domain law to assist you in making sure your rights are protected. HAYS COUNTY, Texas — After a Travis County District Judge dismissed a lawsuit against Kinder Morgan's proposed Permian Highway Pipeline on July 5, Hays County … Read the latest business and community news from the Austin area. Both major lines will feed smaller lines that stretch across Southeast and South Texas. “For an oil pipeline in Texas, they get their eminent domain authority from Texas law and to go forward they have to get what’s called a T-4 permit from the Texas Railroad Commission,” Hicks said. The drilling fluid mishap began March 28 and the company did not notify state regulators until the evening of March 31. The order came Feb. 14 from U.S District Court Judge Robert Pitman of the Western District of Texas, Austin Division. “Once we get the authorization [from the Corp] to move forward, we’re prepared to go.”, The Permian Highway Pipeline has already been subject to at least one delay. The coalition went on to call for more of a public process setting a route and building the Permian Highway Pipeline and other pipelines like it. Jessica Karlsruher, who became the executive director of the TREAD Coalition in November, said that many landowners in the area she has spoken to are somewhat discouraged but are still involved in the action around the Permian Highway Pipeline. We have yet to hear from the company about their timeline for construction in the Hill Country. Several people on different islands reported that they saw these lights in the sky shortly after 10 p.m. Saturday. “The Railroad Commission could do something tomorrow, they could publish rules that say no more of this until we put rules in place about routing, because without an outcry from various people they will get run over.”. All the appliances, the pipes have been contaminated. “They are given this power of eminent domain, yet they’re a private entity,” Hicks said. “If they want to raise the issue they should get a lawyer,” Hicks said. The pipeline is slated to be 571 miles long, passing through 17 counties from Midland to Harris County near the coast. “Put it in a place that has less environmental impact and more respect to landowners.”. City officials told KXAN that dye-tracing studies have shown water from the Edwards Aquifer does come into Barton Springs. With five days left in early voting, the 2020 presidential election is already making history. Because the Permian Highway Pipeline travels only through the state of Texas, it is not subject to as many regulations as a pipeline that crosses state lines. Responses to the order. The lawsuit in Travis County – against the Texas Railroad Commission and pipeline company Kinder Morgan – is potentially precedent-setting in terms of how pipeline construction is regulated. | Redding has been told it requires a 110-foot easement and the proposed route mapped through Williamson County shows it running north of Liberty Hill, around Georgetown to the north, then south between Hutto and Taylor. The TREAD Coalition is putting together a lawsuit that will challenge one of the foundations of the rules that have governed the Permian Highway Pipeline so far. “Beyond that, I think we’d like to have some additional geology work done at those crossings, some analysis to first see if there are karst features, and if there are there would be some measures that would be taken — notification of well owners, probably within a 2-mile radius, maybe even take some samples of those wells prior to construction to have a baseline. Lockhart, Hays school districts try to reverse course for failing students, Monday Motivation: The Art Of Kindness With Andra Liemandt, Two East Texas towns have alcohol propositions on the ballot, Travis County reports 850 active COVID-19 cases, 448 deaths, Hays County has 510 active coronavirus cases, 86 COVID-19-related deaths, Williamson County reports 191 active coronavirus cases, 151 deaths, Bastrop County has 108 active cases of coronavirus, 31 deaths, Blanco County has 12 active COVID-19 cases and 6 deaths, Caldwell County has 78 active cases of COVID-19, 37 deaths, Fayette County has 22 COVID-19 deaths; 25 active cases, Gillespie County reporting 3 active cases of coronavirus, 10 deaths, Lampasas County has 38 active cases of COVID-19; 9 deaths, Lee County confirms 7 active cases of COVID-19 in area and 14 deaths, Llano County has 30 active COVID-19 cases; 3 deaths, Mason County reports 1 active cases of COVID-19 and 2 deaths, Milam County has 7 active COVID-19 cases, 7 deaths, Cold front has arrived! They will turn around and say ‘You can raise those issues once we’ve taken the property,’ but that’s too late. TREAD is offering information and assistance. The company noted that it has made more than 200 adjustments to its original proposed route because of landowners and land surveys along the route. By Katharine Jose A “suspicious device” that was later neutralized by a bomb squad is the latest incident to have occurred at work sites along the route of the Permian Highway Pipeline (PHP), Kinder Morgan’s natural gas conduit being carved through the heart of the Texas Hill Country. Work has already begun on the westernmost section of the 430-mile, $2 billion natural gas conduit, which stretches from the Permian Basin to the Gulf Coast, nearly bisecting Hays County. In Texas, oil and gas pipeline companies have a great deal of power to use the authority of eminent domain, according to a number of land-use attorneys. Some residents, including Travis Redding and Clifton Bean, have received limited information from the company as they have inquired about the request and planned pipeline and are searching for options on how to counter the plan. Each county has a different process for permitting regarding road crossings, and we work through that with all of the counties and with Hays County,” said Allen Fore, Vice President of Public Affairs at Kinder Morgan. The Railroad Commission doesn’t do any substantive inquiry into whether they know what they’re doing, is it going in a safe place, how did they pick the route. During the Oct. 20 Kyle City Council meeting, officials approved two new land rezonings and postponed a third, though a city representative said that all three will likely be revisited by the next council meeting, Nov. 4.

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