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my child is british can i stay in uk

This includes, Statements from Aunty Agnes and Peter about how decisions have been made in the past about Charlie, the reasons for this (i.e. The changes to the Immigration Rules in 2012 were followed by changes to primary legislation in the form of the Immigration Act 2014. Aunty Agnes took the decisions whilst Peter was unwell), how this has changed over time, and who makes the decisions now, Emails, text messages, and WhatsApp messages between Peter and Aunty Agnes which confirm the statements made and submitted regarding the way that Charlie’s care has been arranged, and which show Aunty Agnes asking Peter questions about what to do with Charlie, Evidence of communication between Peter and Charlie about these central decisions, preferably in writing (although probably unlikely for younger children) and visits Peter has made to the UK, Other corroboratory evidence concerning the central decisions referred to above or the decision-making process in general (e.g. Provide proof of this. To find out more about your options before visiting an expert, you can call the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants.

The older the blog post on this site, the more likely it is that there have been legal developments since it was published.

After recovering from the initial shock and some crisis talks with the other acrobats over several bottles of Saki, Pablo explains that he would like to be involved in Chelsea’s upbringing, and Pamela thinks this would also be a good idea, despite their differences. There was a gap between 2008 and 2012 when there was no policy or legal guidance in place on what length of residence by a child might render removal of the child disproportionate. The “settled status” being offered to EU citizens who wish to stay in the UK after Brexit counts as a settled immigration status. The Home Office’s position is that the immigration rules cover the extent of the UK’s obligations under human rights law, and so any Article 8 family/private life case that could be successful would meet the requirements of the immigration rules, such as if you have a British child or your child has lived in the UK for seven years. When Chelsea begins school the arrangements become a little more formal.

The meaning of access rights was explored in JA (meaning of “access rights”) India [2015] UKUT 225 (IAC), although this case pre-dated an amendment to the Immigration Rules which changed the language from “access rights” to “direct access (in person)”. In situations where only one parent is in the picture, if that parent can show that he or she has control over the major decisions that affect a child’s life, even from afar, then this will be strong evidence to suggest that they meet the “sole” responsibility test. It is essential that you provide evidence of your inability to pay the fee. You also need to be able to show that you are taking, and intend to continue to take, an active role in your child’s upbringing.

Living in the UK; Under 18 years of age; Either a British national, or have settled status in the UK; The most tricky issue in these applications is usually the “relationship requirement” set out at paragraph E-ECPT.2.1-2.4 (unfortunately the Immigration Rules are full of confusing headings like this). All rights reserved. How long have you been supporting your child? This means you must be able to house you, your child and other family adequately, and provide for them without needing recourse to public funds. You need to have shared or sole parental responsibility for your UK resident child.

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