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is disk partitioning necessary

Data loss is still data loss. I agree with you, Leo.

This is something I employ in every piece I write longer than 300 words. Rgds, Windows is a nightmare and I won’t be buying a Windows machine ever again. If I use Disk Manager to reduce the C: drive (from 160 GB to 60 GB), will I damage/lose the files on C:?

I work for a HD manufacture and have talked with hundreds if not thousands of people who have lost their data because it is not backed up. There are two classic approaches to partitioning a single drive on a Windows PC: In addition, most contemporary computers or Windows 10 installations come with additional hidden partitions.

that you may have added. I personally don’t believe it’s necessary and find that partitioning can cause problems.

official Some swear that proper partitioning aids performance, makes backing up easier, and is just generally “better”. This is more than enough to store all your important personal files. The OSes and file systems can manage information on each partition as if it were a distinct hard drive. I solved the problem by partitioning the drive.

The image can be saved to D: but should be saved offline as a fall-back image (I’ll explain later). Go ahead and check it out in the disk management utility. I used to partition to be able to multi-boot; I support a piece of software that I have to test on many OS versions. On Windows, I believe your user folder cannot be moved to another partition anyway. If you've read what came before, my conclusions won't come as a surprise: 1. if your backup scheme is to image the entire drive, have just a single partition (usually C:); 2. if you just backup data, have two partitions–one for Windows and installed application programs (usually C:), the other for data (usually D:). Generally, two operating systems can't coexist on the same volume without stepping on one another's toes, so you won't be able to dual-boot Linux or ease into Windows 7 if you're on a single-volume system. Install Windows 8 on your primary boot disk. In the followings, 6 top advantages of partitioning a hard disk will be exposed to you in detail. Because they are all on the same hard drive, right?…. At the end it was a bit messy as some programmes were installed on the C drive (system) and others on the D (storage) etc Generally, you'll want to format the new partition as NTFS; and unless you're using this partition for archiving purposes, you won't need to enable file and folder compression for the whole drive. As we know, when you try to access data, the drive heads will move around to read or write data.

If you had all of your disk on one partition, you’ve pretty much arrived at a dead end.

Wow! Others opt to let Windows sort it all out, believing that improper partitioning might prevent the file system — already optimized for both safety and performance — from operating in the best way. If you plan to install an OS in this partition (Windows or otherwise), you'll probably have to stop here--your operating system installer will likely insist on making the partition itself during the installation process. The number you choose depends on what you want to use the other partition for. Maybe it’s different with SSD’s but, I’m still running XP so, I won’t be doing that soon.

One of the really key issues as Leo says: “folders are …….

shared the so detail article with us.

So, if you do partition, make sure to follow through and set your Libraries to save to the proper drives. Can you help me with this, please? etc.

In order to back up your programs, you need to take regular system image backups and incremental backups which are capable of restoring everything back to your computer in full working order. One reason I never partition is that you may partition enough to hold Windows and your programs plus some room to grow. I made a Data partition on my desktop PC four years a go and found that Microsoft still enters my Documents in C: in addition to my partition F: It shouldn’t. I have always kept my OS and programs on C: drive and my personal data on one or more partitions, so that when I do a clean install or re-image my C: drive, all my data is left intact. I have a single “main” partition that is used in the traditional way, but also a small second partition used solely for the page file.

also.. changing drive letters messes up my shortcuts and scripts that rely on those letters.. so I’d very much prefer accessing one big partition that will always be called Z. Disk partitioning--separating one physical hard drive into multiple independent volumes--can relieve all sorts of computer-related headaches, and thanks to the Disk Management tool included with Windows 7 and Vista, you can perform the task without expensive third-party software.

: ]. but more like.. you should install your OS on C, and keep any other files on any other drives, never on C. if you need to wipe out C to reinstall windows that works painlessly. Mostly for backup, maybe also a little organizational OCD. for the bad Grammer I. Disk partitioning is one step of disk formatting. Hard drives have become much cheaper. [SOLVED] Win 10 disk management wouldnt let me shrink my primary partition used 3rd party tool I’m going to describe the setup as if I am working on a fresh-from-the-store computer which comes (as most or all do now) with a recovery partition, and one user partition (C:) where Windows is installed. should these be “backed-up”? Leave them in the comments. It also allows you to keep an image of your OS and Programs separately from your data, which can come in handy. I believe this will provide a nice blend of performance, security, and ease of backup. It’s safest to assume that one day you’ll need it to recover from a disaster.

You can buy every component cheaper somewhere else.

im mainly using …

Need to go back to a regular image backup.

“C:” remains, and typically contains at least the operating system and programs, but additional drives – perhaps “D:”, “E:”, or others, also exist and are used for data storage. I’d run a program like TreeSize to see if there are any files I don’t need which are taking up all the space on my disk.

If you found this article helpful, I'm sure you'll also love Confident Computing!

One drive, three partitions.Partitioning your hard drive essentially tells your computer to treat portions of that drive as separate entities. In context of size of hard drives these days, is this a reason not to partition? on the other hand.. yeah, he is basically saying you should use partitions as folders, which is nonsense.

It’s still the same, single disk, but the space on it is divided up to appear as two or more drives in Windows. That’s one of the reasons I gave in an earlier comment for not partitioning.

Thanks for marking this as the answer. I simply install those from the D:\foldersxxx location. – a result of old age i guess!!??)

“C” is never more than 18-20GB, and the back-up partition is never more than 15GB. Restore the most recent image. Also, you should use different drive partitions to store the files of different operating systems. Ask anyone who has lost mission critial data. My new laptop is configured with a single partition having window7 installed in it. By the way, in all fairness, I should point out that there are many well-respected people who recommend a separate partition for Windows, regardless of your backup scheme. A concussen recently …. You’re in luck! Read/write heads on hard drives are so close to their platters (less than the thickness of a hair on your head) that you’d be amazed at how it manages not to ever touch the surface. Is it a good thing to have a smaller partition for the OS (W7) and other partitions for Program Files and data, or should the ProgramFiles folder be on the same partition as the OS. Creating multiple partitions indeed helps keep one from getting in trouble.

actually, he is 25% right here. I want to just have my hard disc with one C partition how do I remove D and save all data to C at the same time.

If you've created a bootable partition that's large enough to contain a stripped-down OS and a handful of diagnostic tools, you can use it to rescue your data and salvage your computer. I found out that D: and other drives need defragging only once or twice a year which can be done overnight. what to do please, it can’t be found on my Computer folder, yet it is on console management, The first thing to do is to open up Windows Explorer and see if you can find the drive listed next to the C drive.

Some people have multiple partitions because they believe that it somehow improves performance.

I'll look at those and make a recommendation.

Its a bit more in setting up and re-pointing of documents, pictures etc to the Data drive. The main Username folder remains on C. This is useful if you decide to use an SSD for your system disk. Think about it – in a way a drive is just a special kind of subfolder of your computer. The choice you have is whether to have more than one partition, not whether to partition at all.

Years ago, I would do that but, now I mirror the entire hard-drive which I update fairly regularly.

my Data; on one partition (easier to backup)! Your hard drive is simply a collection of plates that store data by means of magnetic read/write heads that run around the disk.

Partitioning in Windows' Disk Management tool.Open the Disk Management tool by slecting Control Panel, Administrative Tools, Computer Management.

For those who run multiple operating systems (Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 98,  Linux, etc. I organize things in folders anyway, not partitions. Most PCs come from the factory with a single partition on their hard drive, meaning that it shows up as one drive in the Computer window (as C:, typically).

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