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hugh riminton richmond press conference

Footy players are weird campaigners but you have to remember you’re on TV. He seemed pretty unimpressed with Vlastuin. Hardwick insisted there was no issue, with the club’s statement indicating Chol was unfazed by the antics of his teammates. © 2020 - TechnoCodex. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Riminton: A football question, are you expecting Nick Vlastuin, Jayden Short and Mabior Chol all to be available and playing in your next game? When he realises it’s Chol then he needs to ask himself, does Chol consider what Vlaustin did as sexual harassment, has he asked Chol? Richmond duo Nick Vlaustin and Jayden Short have apologised to teammate Mabior Chol after allegations that the pair groped Chol during the team song in recent weeks.
HR: So from the coach, the answer is, let’s be clear, you have no knowledge of this taking place, even though it’s freely on social media, you have no knowledge of this at all? I dunno man...sexual assault can really fu** up a person's life, no one knows what's going on behind the scenes in Marbs' life. On this Chol/Short/Vlassy thing - it all depends on how Chol thought of it. All Rights Reserved. Richmond Other Teams Richmond VFL Aug 7, 2020 #3 Hugh Riminton, what a sensationalist flog and race baiter. I appreciate your time but let’s talk about the game. This isn’t about RFC, Dimma, Vlaustin, some dickhead journo trying to get a story, this is about Chol and his thoughts and feelings about it. Mabior Chol, Jayden Short and Nick Vlaustin apologise, Damien Hardwick ends press conference. “It was a stupid action and I am deeply embarrassed. Picture: Richmond players have come under fire for inappropriate conduct.
Speaking on Triple M, Barrett said the Cats would able to offer Cameron up to $850,000-a-year. Also, if you like our efforts, consider sharing this story with your friends, this will encourage us to bring more exciting updates for you. Source. “The entire playing group have made clear this behaviour will cease. Oh dear....those Collingwood supporters think it's pre-destined. This guy needs to ask himself, who’s the most important person in these allegations? “I have two criminal lawyers who have said they have looked at this vision and they say there has clearly been a sexual assault taking place. JavaScript is disabled. Jayden Short added: “It was unacceptable behaviour and a poor example.”. I am Anindita friends call me Ani, love to write, work is life. Here is how the full exchange took place: Hugh Riminton: Sadly an off-field matter if you don’t mind taking a question on it. Earlier on Friday during Hardwick’s press conference, Riminton claimed that both Vlaustin and Short had groped Chol, with the reporter claiming that the ruckman reacted in a manner that “plainly indicates he wasn’t expecting such an action”. This Hugh Rimjob campaigner has clearly never played a team sport or had male friends. If Chol considers it sexual harassment then yes something needs to be done, but it’s what Chol thinks, not what this Hugh guy thinks.

“I have no issue whatsoever with those players, or any of my teammates,” he said. He also has his genitals grabbed three times by Vlastuin, after the Bulldogs game he has his genitals grabbed by Jayden Short, the question to you is, if this is horseplay, are all premiership players within Richmond expected to tolerate fingers going up their anuses, or is it just the black players? Journalist Hugh Riminton has been praised by the AFL community for asking the hard questions of ‘Dimma’ in a press conference on Friday. Richmond duo Nick Vlaustin and Jayden Short have apologised to teammate Mabior Chol after allegations that the pair groped Chol during the team song in recent weeks. Thought Hugh Rimjob was dead. Journalist Hugh Riminton persistently questioned the inappropriate behaviour, labelling it as a breach of the AFL’s code of conduct. Tigers coach Damien Hardwick earlier cut his weekly press conference short after being hit with the accusation of sexual assault among his players which prompted the apology. I’ve apologised to Mabior,” Nick Vlastuin said in the statement. While Hardwick refused to answer the questions at the time, the Tigers have since condemned the actions of its defensive duo. Following outrage on social media, the club described the post-match behaviour as ‘unacceptable’.
JD: Thanks for your questions Hugh but we’ll move on from that. HR: It’s a football question, are you expecting them all to be playing in your next game? Vlaustin said he was “deeply embarrassed” by the incident involving Chol in his apology to the Richmond ruckman. Richmond has been forced to release a statement this afternoon, apologising for the treatment of Mabior Chol by teammates Nick Vlastuin and Jayden Short.

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