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how many tornadoes were in the 2011 super outbreak

The top two deadliest tornadoes in April since modern records began hit that day. Numerous trees and tree limbs were downed in neighborhoods, in a parking lot, and on a golf course. The roof was blown off of a shed as well.

You can change your choices at any time by visiting Your Privacy Controls. Two wood-frame homes, a travel trailer, and a mobile home were destroyed, and two other homes sustained severe roof damage. Find out more about how we use your information in our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Several homes sustained roof damage, and numerous trees were downed. The tornado lifted north-northeast of, Many trees were downed and a power pole was blown nearly to the ground. A mobile home and shed were destroyed, one home was pushed off of its block foundation, another home lost part of its roof, a tin roof was torn off of a building at a church camp, and hundreds of trees and many power poles were downed. The most significant damage occurred about two miles (3.2 km) south of the Lagrange city limits, where twelve homes were destroyed, one of which was blown about 50 feet (15 m) off of its foundation (the attached. A home near the church sustained exterior damage, consisting of windows being broken, siding being ripped off and thrown approximately 300 yards (270 m) into a field, and numerous twigs and sticks being driven into the walls. A house sustained roof damage, two barns were damaged, an outbuilding was destroyed, and many trees were downed. A 1978 documentary produced by the federal government's former Office of Civil Defense showed extensive footage of the storms and the carnage they left behind. As (un)luck would have it, long-track supercells managed to find a number of areas with significant population on the 27th of April, all while dropping multiple fast-moving tornadoes that proved difficult to survive above ground. A single-wide mobile home and numerous barns and outbuildings were destroyed, with siding being thrown 500 yards (460 m), farm equipment was thrown 50 yards (46 m), a new 24-foot (7.3 m) travel trailer was destroyed, and fifteen homes sustained major roof damage as the tornado moved through and to the east of Tar Hill. One barn was destroyed, with debris being thrown 50 to 75 yards (46 to 69 m), and another barn was damaged. A barn was destroyed and several trees and large tree limbs were downed northwest of. Several roofs were damaged and numerous trees were downed. One home was destroyed, and several other homes were damaged, some of which had their entire roofs removed. Warrior/Mountain Woods Lake (Apr. The courthouse, the fire department, and about 40 businesses were damaged, the steeple was torn off a church, and cars and buildings had windows busted by flying debris. One of the houses had a porch destroyed, and another had gutters blown off and a carport blown away. Hundreds of trees were snapped and several homes and other structures were damaged. Brief tornado struck a turkey farm, causing significant damage to a turkey house and killing a number of turkeys. While the tornado count for April 2011 is a good deal higher, 1974 was also pre-Doppler radar days and it’s possible some tornadoes were missed. Two wood-framed homes were pushed off their foundations, with one being destroyed, and three to four mobile homes were heavily damaged as they were pushed off their foundations. In Caldwell County, a carport and a barn were destroyed, homes and barns sustained varying degrees of roof damage, and several trees and power poles were downed. Several power poles were snapped along the path as well. The roof was partially lifted off a building at an.
A 28-foot (8.5 m) travel trailer at the home was picked up, flipped over, and moved approximately 10 feet (3.0 m). Moving into Morgan County, several dozen homes were heavily damaged, many around. Many trees were downed along the path. Several trees were downed in Claiborne Parish and in Union Parish, before the tornado moved into Union County, Arkansas north of. Numerous trees were downed along the path.
Additionally, an 11,000-pound (5,000 kg) camper was flipped up over a 5-foot (1.5 m) fence, landing on its side, numerous trees were downed, and two horses were killed. More roofs were torn off in Shenandoah County, and a half-ton piece of industrial equipment was picked up and tossed 200 yards (180 m). A couple of homes in Endville sustained minor damage, and numerous trees were downed. In Newton County, in and around the city of Newborn, one home was destroyed, five others suffered major damage, and ten more sustained minor damage.

About a 100-foot (30 m) section of one barn was uplifted and collapsed, and a 50-foot (15 m) section of the roof of another barn was torn off. Brief tornado downed two dozen trees in a heavily wooded area. After crossing the state line into Graves County, the tornado destroyed a gazebo and a playhouse, caused major damage to a garage, impaled grape vines into the roof of a porch, and impaled a stick into the side of a house.

A cinder-block wall was blown out of a storage shed, a few homes sustained roof and siding damage, and numerous trees were downed. Intermittent tornado downed several trees and ripped the roof off a mobile home, throwing it about 100 yards (91 m). Long-lived wedge tornado touched down just inside Panola County and downed several trees before crossing into DeSoto Parish and through the. A few homes and barns sustained significant wind damage and thousands of trees were downed, many of which fell on and caused heavy damage to many other structures. In addition, a house was damaged, four power poles were snapped off, and many trees were downed, some of which landed on houses. An outbuilding sustained minor roof damage, and many trees were knocked down or sheared off. Thousands of trees were downed along the path, which crossed, Trees were downed along a path beginning at. Numerous trees were downed. Four homes sustained minor to moderate damage, six barns and outbuildings were either damaged or destroyed, along with a silo, and two metal high-tension power poles were knocked down. During April 25–28, 2011, the local weather forecast offices of the National Weather Service confirmed 359 tornadoes in the United States, and Environment Canada confirmed another in Ontario. Many trees were downed sporadically along the path northwest of.

Several homes sustained roof damage, either directly from the wind or from falling trees. Tornado ripped a roof off an apartment house and tossed debris into a car dealership across the street, damaging vehicles in the lot. Map by Katie Wheatley. An outbuilding sustained roof damage and several trees were snapped northeast of, Six aircraft suffered minor to major damage at. 27, EF2), Lake Guntersville S.P./Martling (Apr. Tornado was embedded in a squall line. An elementary school suffered partial roof loss, and a residence sustained minor roof damage. Trees were downed sporadically, with one large hardwood tree being snapped at the base. Weak tornado at the Patriot Hills Golf Course downed a few trees. The tornado touched down in Hale County to the north-northeast of. Many homes sustained minor structural damage, as well as shingle loss, carports were damaged, and an anchored mobile home was picked up and rolled. One person was injured. Many trees were downed as well, some of which fell onto several houses. Several homes were damaged and numerous trees and power lines were downed. Several homes sustained minor roof damage, a barn was destroyed, and dozens of trees were downed. Though this several day sequence gets lumped together as one outbreak, it was — at least in my opinion — more accurately one outbreak on the 25th into the 26th followed by a larger outbreak that developed back over the southern Plains late on the 26th before rolling eastward through the 28th. A mobile home was knocked off its foundation, shingles were blown off a few houses, and numerous trees were downed. It then struck a row of 100-yard (91 m)-long pole barns used to house turkeys.

Hundreds of trees were downed along the path, some in large swaths.

Many trees were downed along Reedy Creek. Numerous other small towns including Smithville, Mississippi; Cordova, Alabama; Rainsville, Alabama; Ohatchee, Alabama; Cullman, Alabama; Trenton, Georgia; Ringgold, Georgia; Apison, Tennessee; and Glade Spring, Virginia sustained devastating, direct hits from intense tornadoes, with several producing death tolls well into the double digits. In downtown Cordova, brick buildings sustained significant roof and, Numerous trees were downed and the roof was blown off the main dining hall at the. Regardless of its exact rank in history, it was a once in a generation event that we all can hope skips the next generation. This tornado destroyed 15 homes and damaged 50 others. HuffPost is part of Verizon Media.

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