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See you in 2019… xxx #glastonbury2017, A post shared by Kidzfield (@kidzfield) on Jun 25, 2017 at 1:46pm PDT. Glastonbury 50: The Official Story of Glastonbury Festival. Look out for a gigantic motel sign. In many ways, Glastonbury is like loads of different festivals converging on the same gorgeous countryside for the weekend.

APPLE MUSIC. Arcadia is going to take on a very different look at Glastonbury Festival this year. Main attractions: If you plan on roaming the entire festival site, and don’t fancy going through four packs of blister plasters in the process, this is the place for you. Main attractions: The giant tent here is the comedy tent, where major names like Jo Brand and Nish Kumar roll up; it’s virtually a home from home for Bill Bailey.

Bars: This is a bring-your-own zone. More like the USS Sweet Charity, then. Before you know it you’re at level three, whittling your own magic twig in the Craft Field and then, bang, you’re level four, bollock-arse naked in the Healing Field getting hand-fasted to someone called Moonbeam in a gong ceremony conducted by someone out of The Wicker Man. APPLE MUSIC. Main attractions: Ancient clock? Be sure to chuck a few quid in the charity pot as thanks; they’re raising money for. It’s near an access road to the festival which runs all day and all night. What’s the deal? Brightside’ (Glastonbury 2019). All the recordings will be threaded together creating a living soundscape, reflecting the cultural mind of our times. Who’s it for: Craft ale enthusiasts, morris dancers, folkies and nostalgia addicts, Where to find it: Due south of the Cabaret Field, or if you’re heading out of the marketplace, dead east from the path to the stone circle. Get down there, order one of the venue’s famous lageritas (beer, tequila, Cointreau and lime juice) and pour a drop out for a long-standing institution. Who remembers the ‘invisible’ deer?

Available for everyone, funded by readers. Entire building facades have been erected here to act as backdrops for flying acrobat acts, and there’s also a hi-tech Big Top for when it’s too torrential to keep the fire torches alight. Bars: The Stonebridge Bar at the bottom of the field hosts live acts and Hip-Hop Karaoke, and the Bimble Inn is now above the Ribbon Tower, with the best beer garden views on site. If you’re after a tranquil night’s kip, this place may not be for you.

When to get there: 4am, in time to smoke the rest of your stash before the ecstatic release of watching the sun rise over the Vale Of Avalon and this wondrous city of music and love, to the sound of a thousand squeaking balloons.

All rights reserved. THE OTHER STAGE. Stake a claim over your spot as early as possible – this area quickly turns into a game of tent tetris. Once the headliners finish, there’s likely to be a big queue to get in – to dodge the crowds, arrive before 10pm, or after 4am. Glastonbury introduced an affordable grub scheme back in 2015, and around 75% of the food stalls on-site sell meals that cost less than five quid. Expect a pretty long wait – though afternoons are typically a bit quieter. Samula replaces what used to be The Cave in The Common and promises to be an 'aquatic paradise, a side-step into another world'. Heaving one of those weighty fuckers around all day in fervent anticipation, ready to down the moment that James Blunt/James Morrison/one of the other nostalgia Jameses takes to the Avalon stage and drops the Famous Pop Banger. And if you’re planning on paying a visit to Block 9 or Shangri La in the twilight hours, either pack walking boots, or get so mashed that you won’t even notice the never-ending hike back to camp. Glastonbury Festival has shared a series of playlists which detail the stage-by-stage line-ups of their major stages. Where to find it: It’ll be rattling the ground and making burger stalls pulsate to the west of the Other Stage. Glastonbury 2019 featured new stages, art installations and areas, including a giant crane … I’ve seen more chips in a seagulls mouth!

Any more information is limited at this stage, with the team behind The Common wanting to keep things fairly secret, but the stage looks pretty spectacular from the pictures released on social media. But, if in doubt, just wander…. Please do not visit Worthy Farm 22 June 2020., — The Common (@GlastoTheCommon) June 6, 2019, Who it’s for: Strummers, hikers and campfire troubadours. Insider tips: At the start of the weekend, scour the schedule on the John Peel Stage looking for suspiciously large between-act gaps of about an hour to 90 minutes. However, those hoping the store will also sell booze will be disappointed, as a spokesperson for the Co-op said it will not. Where to find it: Block 9 is the core of the Naughty Corner in the south-east of the site and crowd control systems are in place to funnel revellers in at ‘rush hour’ (I.e.

Last modified on Wed 26 Jun 2019 10.54 BST. Keep a look-out for ‘Food Under A Fiver’ stickers on menu boards for a relative bargain. Insider tips: Because, if we’re honest, there isn’t much to do in The Wood, it’s useful as a crowd-dodging short-cut from John Peel to the Pyramid Stage. Main attractions: The Kidzfield is basically an explosion in Mr Tumble’s house. Don’t miss: The art installations tucked away in the canopy, or lining the trails. Giant Twister, say, or the toppling of a full-sized cardboard church tower. Plus, the lock-ups are completely free. And bring wellies. That being said, you might still be in with a chance to go to this year’s festival by entering these competitions. Whether you prefer your fermented apple bevvies cold, mulled, dry, cloudy, dry, sweet, or churned up in all manner of cocktails, this lot have been serving the golden nectar here for 30 years. Thanks to being within stumbling distance of… pretty much everything, it’s a bit of a hedonistic spot, too.

Insider tips: It’s a brisk 25 minute walk from South Park to the Pyramid Stage, so don’t dither when it comes to setting off. If you’re thinking about rocking up on Thursday evening, you’ll have trouble securing a spot, and end up next to the Pyramid Stage portaloos instead. Across the field, Humblewell is a yoga and wellness centre by day and a hub of UK jazz called The Wormhole come nightfall, and after hours, if you can find it, the Rabbit Hole opens its hidden door; if you can answer the rabbit’s riddle you’ll gain entrance to a maze of tunnels and hunt out a gig at the warren’s centre.

If you’re thinking about rocking up on Thursday evening, you’ll have trouble securing a spot, and end up next to the Pyramid Stage portaloos instead. Main attractions: You come for the gently lilting sounds emanating from the stage in the large circus tent. This place is destination DJ – and this year marks the last-ever appearance of the Beat Hotel at Glastonbury. For the first time ever this year, there will be a mini supermarket at Glastonbury - however, the Co-operative will NOT sell booze. Bars: Sneak in a tinny – they call it Doing A Diane now. Don’t miss: The rotisserie chicken stall by Williams Green is among the best places to eat on site. There’s a smaller Outdoor Circus Stage by the south east exit too, where interactive street performers do their Covent Garden stuff – escapology, street magic, puppetry or the feller who walks a tightrope in wellies, playing a fiddle.

The Glastonbury organisers have announced the full lineup and stage times for this year’s festival. ??? Navigation tricks, cheap eats, and other top tips: All tracks lead to the railway line. “We had our medical facility in the sitting room so we used to have people queuing in the halls with sprained ankles and broken legs and stuff like that on stretchers,” Emily Eavis recounted cheerily to local paper. The ability to stand up in your own lodgings and get changed without stooping over like a stinking festival Gollum surely wins out, but the thoughtful addition of a communal campfire for everybody to sing along to ‘Wonderwall’ is a bonus. Insider tips: If you see a wine bar with a large inflatable wine bottle on top, head there after hours – they blast out cracking Beatles, punk and indie rock all night; it’s traditional to replace some lyrics with the words ‘wine bar’. Clue’s in the name – kind of. You reach level two when you wander across the pathway into Green Futures to learn about environmental technologies, listen to Extinction Rebellion talks at the Speaker’s Forum and wow at the Permaculture (basically a free-love sort of compost heap).

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