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dresden files book 14

The table was loaded down with party food of every description, but apart from the sheer variety, it didn’t look like anything but regular old food. You’re the man.”, The Redcap’s eyes narrowed, gleaming bright, and his foxlike smile widened. “Always stealing from the greats,” I mumbled. You don’t listen to music like that. I’m like the Bumble, but with way better teeth, and I didn’t like feeling loomed over. Not because I was worried about my svelte figure, but because I was standing at the heart of wicked faerieland, and eating random candy seemed like a less than brilliant idea. Mab had re-created my old basement apartment in ice, right down to textured carvings of all of my area rugs crafted into the ice of the floor. Instead, a very dim phosphorescence in the shape of his paw prints began to rise from the floor, giving us just enough light to move by.

You will find every mortal amenity here.”, “That’s nice,” I said. I put up every mental defense I could, reaching for that core of cold, clear power that had been within me since the night I’d murdered my predecessor with Medea’s bronze dagger. She was dressed in a silk gown of deep frozen green that left her strong white shoulders bare. . Cold Days once again established The Dresden Files as one of the most consistently good series out there. I won’t forget that. I will be your guide while you are here. I closed my eyes.

Oh, the room got intense then, as maybe a thousand throats all inhaled at the same time. Seriously?”. A game changer was exactly what I needed. I started coughing. Trolls, hideous giant thugs towering over ten feet tall, sound like laryngitic foghorns. Only, you know, she’d been less naked then. I felt a surge of emotion run through me, one that I knew was not my own—it was too pure, too primal, and it made my body do that thrumming thing again: Mab’s approval was fierce. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. It goes on like that. He just sort of melted into shadow. Give me commands and I will give you hell for it.

“You are to answer my questions, are you not?”. I stood there with my hand over it for a moment, just feeling the cool metal press against my palm. Though every cell in my body suddenly surged with mindless desire and my eyes blurred with tears to see her beauty, I did not want to come an inch closer. “That’s . And I figure you think I’m going to be like him.”, “It wasn’t an accusation,” I said, as gently as I could. Silence could generally be taken as assent, but I just couldn’t resist. I couldn’t tell you why, but my instincts told me that would be dangerous, and I listened to them. So I’m there but not drinking, listening to music but not dancing, and trying to have conversations with near-strangers about anything other than my own stupid life, and they generally seem to have the same goals I do.

“I hadn’t ever thought about it that way,” Sarissa said. . As if on cue, the wild dancing turned to stillness. “Somewhere I can put my back to a wall. “You turned her down.”, “You don’t understand. In a previous installment Harry has reluctantly consented to be Mab's Winter Knight, and now that she has restored the wizard's mortality, she gives him her first command: Kill Maeve, the Summer Lady. “Yes. Unless, of course, it was maybe the other way around. There could have been anger in it, or suspicion or terror or skepticism. Sarissa had done it, refusing to let her anxiety control her. “If the wizard uses his magic,” the Redcap said, “break her neck.” He eyed the ogre and said, “Without ripping it off.”.

Or even the shorter person. There’s been no . I didn’t have the heart for it. My vision went from red to black. “Let her go.”, He leaned in closer to her and inhaled through his nose. From there, it was a short jump to becoming the quintessential urban fantasy. After about twenty seconds of that, I decided that it was an impossibility, and dialed it back to watching for anyone who rushed us with a knife, screaming. . Especially when I would have to scream it over the music to which no one dances. Cat Sith. Yowch. The sound of her sneakers scuffing on the hard floor faded into the distance outside the curtained bed. I don’t know your favorite color or what kind of ice cream you like best. I was her vassal, a member of her court, and as far as she was concerned, she had every right to take my life if she saw fit. He was a bear. “If he wins,” I said, jerking my head back at the Redcap, “I’ll go with you. Leads to a lot of awkward pauses. I wonder how hard I’ll have to squeeze to crush her windpipe.”. She wore a velvet dress the deep blue-purple of twilight. Mab lay with her upper body across mine, and made no effort at all to move. So am I. Evasion. The tempo of the music changed with it as well, now all suspended strings and muted percussion.

Taking on a little friendly training and a grumpy malk was one thing, but going up against three of the nastier creatures in Faerie all at once was probably a losing proposition.

I did. I’ve had sex that didn’t feel as good as Maeve’s smile. If he hadn’t been one of the Sidhe, and at a party, and in front of all of his dearest frenemies, he would have snarled at me. She was a cold, ephemeral weight, an incredibly feminine softness, and her silken hair glided over my cheeks and lips and neck. Maybe I’m just not the partying type. Then she took a quick breath and picked up an odd little fork, the kind they give to kids with motor control issues—it had lots of rounded edges—and pressed it into my hand. Wow. Apparently Mab had sent it to a genuine jeweler to attach it with something more solid. It was made out of a single band of pure silk, sized perfectly to wrap around my throat, with a couple of wider bits left over for handholds. Mab turned her gaze back to the rest of the room. “Sir Knight,” he replied, his basso a pleasant rumble. well, I’ve always been partial to fire.”, Evidently that line of possibility had not occurred to the Redcap. Eldest Gruff made a small bow in reply. After so many 'Dresden Files' novels two things have occurred to me. “You are dismissed for today.”, “Thank you, Your Majesty,” said Sarissa. And, as when Mab had been near, I felt my whole body thrum in response to her, to her presence, her proximity, to her . As we emerged into the capital of Winter, the corridors changed from what looked more or less like smooth, poured concrete to crystalline ice in every hue of glacial blue and green, the bands of color merging, intertwining.

I’d ditched the beard, though. My cheekbones stood out starkly. It’s hard to describe because it’s hard for the brain to process—there’s no frame of reference for what I saw, the motion, the balance, the power, the effortless subtlety. . I hadn’t ever seen the complex beneath the ice of the courtyard. “How did they rope you into showing up to this freak show?”, “Word.” I nodded to Sarissa. Their power didn’t come after me, specifically—it was more like I had plunged into it, as if it were a pool of water occupying the same space as the dance floor. As we did, our shadows danced and stretched. Then I tossed the tie to the icy floor halfway between myself and the Redcap. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on January 3, 2013. It just wasn’t going to be enough to survive what was coming at me. The rawhead gathered itself into a crouch again, clearly ready to pounce. I turned to Sarissa, asking, “You seem to know these guys, mostly. It kinda fit my mood better, anyway. “I’m sorry?”, “I’m not Lloyd Slate,” I said. “Are those . The gun roared, deafening in the enclosed space. The Sidhe shoved the young man to his hands and knees, and Maeve’s slight weight settled across his broad back. “I saw how you treated Lloyd Slate. “Book.”, Sarissa covered her mouth with one hand, but her eyes twinkled.

I’d like to ask you something, but if you would rather keep it to yourself, that’s okay, too.”, That put a crack in her mask. Maybe it was just the bed talking, but the smile and her voice were even better than the rest of her. He thrust Sarissa into its huge, hairy, meaty arms. A martial arts enthusiast whose résumé includes a long list of skills rendered obsolete at least two hundred years ago, #1, *Starred Review* Harry Dresden, the Chicago PI and professional wizard, has been having a pretty weird time of it lately. I’d bragged about opening a Way, and if push came to shove, I probably could—but not before the rawhead and the ogre closed in on me. You game?”. “You are a suck guide. .and Mab's daughter. And I’m not someone who doesn’t have a chance against you.”. Did you ever read any Spider-Man comics when you were—”, “Harry,” Sarissa said, her voice suddenly tight. We exchanged small bows, which also seemed to please him. “So do you come to all of these?”, “It’s customary,” Kringle replied. She’d know, by now, what I liked and didn’t. His canines were just a little too large, a little too sharp. So many types of terrible monster keep manifesting! More amusing, tops, and that isn’t always in a good way. I stopped at once, pulling Sarissa in closer against my side. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. I didn’t have any more desire to go out in an ugly, painful way than I did before. Some more, some less, but it’s always there.” Sarah?” She frowned, but I shook my head before she could speak. On and on. Everything was perfectly healthy and normal here in Denial Land. I think the only books in the series so far where I thoroughly enjoyed the actions were Dead Beat and Changes. One day, something is going to kill me. “I trust you wouldn’t object to making a bit of a game of our dispute?”. Unable to add item to List. But layered all throughout that cacophony were voices that went to the other extreme, voices that carried the melody with such perfect, razor-edged clarity that it made me want to slash my wrists on it. It was the freaking monarch of the malks, their progenitor, their Optimus Prime. “The Redcap, little Knight.”. It made the room feel brighter.

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