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cleanliness article

We should understand that cleanliness it not only responsibility of our prime minister however, it is the responsibility of each and every person living on this earth. The schematic in Fig. 2A. Shaking and flicking generate 100–1000 g of acceleration, which is in the regime of the required acceleration to remove most aerosols such as pollen, water drops, insects and mites. Airborne particles have a trimodal size distribution, with peaks at particle sizes of 0.01, 0.5 and 10 μm (Wilson et al., 1977). Where there is a will there is a way essay, Rights and Responsibilities of Citizens Essay.

MEMS devices rely heavily on the precise calibration of their sensing microcantilevers. The strength of attachment is dictated by the maximum moment, or torque, that the claw can resist before breaking.

These smooth hairs are hypothesized to help streamline locomotion in dirt and sand, as well as maintain cleanliness through their lower surface area. target_type: 'mix' When we brush our hair, we transfer lint, dandruff and loose hair strands to a hairbrush. Once inside the tracheae, mites obstruct respiration and pierce through the tissue to drink hemolymph, leading to debilitating effects on the bee's muscles. Best-fit curves are given by dashed lines, whose equations are presented in Table 2. The feathers of birds also present an enormous surface area that needs to be cleaned.

Read our Editorial about JEB becoming a Transformative Journal and the changes we’re making to ensure that all authors can publish with us, irrespective of financial status or funder Open Access mandates. The maximum bending moment Mmax experienced by the claw is Mmax=FaL, where L is the claw length. Cleanliness Essay 5 (300 words) Cleanliness is a clean habit which is very necessary to all of us.

For distances between 10 and 100 nm, electrostatic forces from local charge patches on the surface may dominate. Cleanliness is a greatest virtue which should be followed by everyone as a great responsibility to enhance the standard of life.

How do both a honeybee and a squirrel get clean?

A person with clean habits can destroy his/her evil desires and dirty thoughts very easily. The blue line in Fig. Hair length L is shown in Fig. The surface area of the skin (Abody) and hairs (Ahair) are shown schematically in Fig. Further development and implementation of renewable technologies may one day improve biomedical, marine and industrial engineering and benefit society. Modern washing machines spin at upwards of 800 rpm and normally have a drum with a radius of ∼30 cm (Akcabay, 2007), thus generating approximately 200 g of acceleration, enough to remove small particles and water drops with a diameter d=20 μm or greater, which is calculated from Eqn 2. Hummingbirds can impart accelerations of 10–200 g (Ortega-Jimenez and Dudley, 2012), while mosquitoes can impart accelerations up to 2500 g (Dickerson and Hu, 2014). They are meticulous in their activities. Schematics of (A) capillary interaction between a surface and a water drop with diameter d, density ρ and surface tension σ, (B) electrostatic interaction between pollen with a charge q1 and a honeybee with a charge q2, (C) van der Waals interaction between a particle of diameter d and hair filament of thickness h with a gap r between them, and (D) claw with length L and diameter dc bending under the applied force Fa. For all of these cases, the controlled accumulation and removal of particles is an important part of an animal's survival in a particle-laden environment.
Best fit curves are given by dashed lines, whose equations are presented in Table 2.

Clearly, cleaning increases fitness and it does so at an energy cost. The eyelashes of mammals deflect incoming wind, curving the trajectory of particles before they can deposit onto the eye surface.

Let them learn about cleanliness using such a simple cleanliness essay: Cleanliness is not a work which we should do forcefully. We have reviewed techniques for particle removal, but similar techniques exist for self-soiling. Just watch most mammals, birds or even houseflies. In the school and colleges, students are given lots of projects and home works on the topic of various type of cleanliness. Every parent should logically describe and discuss their kids about the benefits, purpose, necessity, etc of the cleanliness. A passionate writer, writing content for many years and regularly writing for and other Popular web portals.
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