It revolves around a leader who must lead an army in phalanx formation across a battlefield in real-time against overwhelming enemy forces while freeing and recruiting soldiers along the way, with each unit able to gain experience and level up through battle.

This is partly true of course, but a lot of people actually like the Bosozoku styling as well eventhough they are not a member of a gang….

Captive soldiers are freed using a knight to break the gates in front of them. I’ll crack his head too.

Also VIP style tends to use only newer cars while the Bosozoku style uses the older cars from the 70s till early 90s.

That is to say, in the face of both the enormity and the radical lack of contrast offered by a surrendur to Bokosuka Wars, we begin to feel not just disempowered but drifting off into things we would rather not become. Does it matter, ultimately, whether I am confronted by "Wow!

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